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Marco V. оценил(-а)

08/07/2024 09:23

Todd K. оценил(-а)

24/05/2024 08:44

Peter B. оценил(-а)

Al last, a restaurant in Nice that breaks the mould of the currently disappointing crop of formulaic offerings from establishments serving bland pap, even tasteless farmed fish, loup and daurade (bass and gilt head bream, probably from Greece or Turkey) when the town market is bursting with fresh, natural local fish. Here we have innovation, inventiveness, a new presentation of flavour and style focussed on quality ingredients that is designed to please the diner rather than the accountant. Of course there are improvements possible, (I would look at the breed of pig, for instance, to transform an excellent dish into an outstanding one) but this young, hard working and inspired team will get there, even to a star. It will be tough, but I have every faith in their determination. You read it here first.

14/05/2024 04:12

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Thank you so much Mr Peter first for your visit and for your wonderful review! We are so glad to know what you have appreciated our Bistro and our work!! Hope to see you soon! Best regards, L'équipe du Bistro (Alexandra, Gianluca et Chef Valerio)


Margaret E. оценил(-а)

We dined at Bistro Dalpozzo on our first night in Nice after reading some good reviews. So glad we did, my husband and I had the most amazing dinner which way exceeded our expectations. The owners / collaborators have Developed and executed a fantastic menu. Have already booked to return. Thank you to the owners for a wonderful experience.

13/05/2024 08:46

Daniel R. оценил(-а)

Cuisines de qualités, bon accueil, bons choix de vins natures français et surtout italien. A refaire les yeux fermés.

12/05/2024 04:06

Rachel K. оценил(-а)

On a extrêmement bien mangé et le service avec une dame tellement gentille et professionnelle était parfait. Je regrette juste l’enfouissement nous avons été placés, il y avait à droite comme à gauche et la possibilité de nous donner une table à nos souhaits. Je redonnerai une chance juste pour l’amabilité de cette personne et une bonne cuisine et de bons produits!

05/05/2024 05:51

Don S. оценил(-а)

The food and service is excellent. Found 2 years ago and ate there 3 times during our month stay. One of our favorites in Nice.

02/05/2024 06:23

Michael T. оценил(-а)

Excellent fare as usual

29/04/2024 05:46

Joelle C. оценил(-а)

Très bonne cuisine, accueil chaleureux

17/04/2024 05:10

MURIELLE B. оценил(-а)

14/04/2024 02:37